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Youth Group is founded in 2021 by a team of motivated Bay Area high school students under the non-profit organization Global Green Development Alliance. By working closely with the adult committee and the expert team, youth are able to gain first-hand insights into real-world applications on clean energy, such as solar panels and renewable batteries, as well as the significance of international environmental policies.



Conduct monthly interviews with environmental fields professionals such as university professors and policy experts. 

International Conference

Co-organize sustainability conferences with local and international partners to promote cultural communications and foster innovative exchange of ideas.  

Support other GLOGDA Communities

Join virtual webinar and workshops hosted by expert team and keep our website updated! 


  • GLOGDA Youth Mentorship Program: Connect with like-minded undergraduate or graduate students from prestigious universities in the United States and China majoring in environmental science, policy, economy, or engineering. Potentially, students are able to directly participate and contribute in their mentors' environmental research projects. 

  • GLOGDA Annual Youth Grant: Annual $1000 grant will be distributed to a high school green team or student-run environmental science or policy related organization through a rigorous application process. The goal of this grant is to directly empower climate efforts from youth. In the application process, applicants in the form of a club or organization needs to demonstrate how their environmental efforts align with the mission of GLOGDA.

  • Climate Change Classes For Kids: Enable young kids as educators about climate change and they can structurally teach the knowledge in classrooms. Read More>>

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