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Kids Running

Climate Change Classes
For Kids

Interested in joining us?
Reach out to our youth group here.

The Globel Green Development Alliance (GLOGDA) focuses on Global Clean Energy,Fighting Climate Change, and Public Health. We endeavor to reshape the world.

Project summary
What: Enable young kids as educators about climate change and they can structurally teach the knowledge in classrooms. 
     - Make a packet with a curriculum based on global warming, green tech, etc…
     - Conduct classes to mentor these kids to become trainers
     - Recruit kids to become these educators then maintain a community of educators  to maintain and update these materials          in the package for the longer term impact.


Coverage of the content
     - Introduction and Carbon Dioxide Emission
     - Acid Deposition 
     - Sea levels
     - Hotter Temperatures
     - Renewal Energy

Format of the classes and materials
     - Live online classes - Register here.
     - Fun/games: Crossword puzzles, Kahoot/quiz
     - Reusable Material for others to conduct classes in person or online:
GLOGDA Young Ambassadors, Apply here
                   - Teachers from schools and institutions 
                   - Scouts groups, other non-profit organizations


Ellie Z.png


Ellie, a dedicated and forward-thinking high schooler, full of innovation. At GLOGDA, her mission is to foster connections, inspire collaboration among like-minded individuals to make impact on Greener earth.

Zahara A_edited.jpg

Zahara Arora

Zahara developed a deep connection with the environment from an early age.  She had successfully worked with fellow team members to start the CC4k project, aiming to bridge the gap between complex environmental issues and younger audiences.


Anya Agarwal

Anya is a hardworking, excelling student. Her mission at GLOGDA is to educate and make an impact on younger kids in order to strive for a greener future.

Out reach ambassadors

Colby Shen



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