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Youth Group of Global Green Development Alliance (GLOGDA) is now recruiting!

GLOGDA’s Youth Group accepts volunteers from both mainland China as well as the United States because the mission of this community is to use our privileges and voices collectively and strategically to drive impactful global climate efforts. 

The Global Green Development Alliance (GLOGDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our head office is located in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

The Alliance focuses on Global Clean Energy, Fighting Climate Change, and Public Health. We endeavor to reshape the world with cleaner energy, better healthcare, and a healthier environment. We operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. 

Members do not have to have any previous experience on environmental science nor policy but have to be passionate about this field and willing to cooperate with peers. 


Time commitment/week: one hour. 
Recognized volunteer hours: yes 

Why GLOGDA Youth?

GLOGDA is supported by many reputable partners, organizations, and universities from both the United States and China (list...) Here, you can gain first-hand insights into real-world applications on clean energy, such as solar panels and renewable batteries, as well as the significance of international environmental policies. Moreover, GLOGDA Youth is a branch under a bigger community with an adult committee and an advisor group. Since this branch is newly founded, we need dedicated and ambitious students to sort out the path of GLOGDA Youth.

More information on GLOGDA Youth.

Join us today by filling out the member application.

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