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Lin Jin

Vice President

Lin Jin, born in 1968, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in July 1989, majoring in power system and automation. From July 1989 to July 1995, engaged in relay protection in Bengbu Power Supply Bureau of Anhui Province; From July 1995 to March 2001, engaged in engineering technology management in Shenzhen Guoli Power, Heguang Information, Toomen Electronics and other companies; In April 2001, Shenzhen Tieon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. In December 2009, the company was restructured into "Shenzhen Tieon Energy Technology Co., Ltd." with Lin Jin as the chairman. As a professional in China's power system research field, Lin Jin has always adhered to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation in corporate governance for many years, and is committed to developing and producing "safe, reliable, convenient and intelligent" power system equipment to solve some technical problems of power supply and distribution system in China's power engineering construction. As the first inventor and independent inventor, he has obtained the national patent authorization of "integrated AC and DC power module for substation", "cabinet free power module based on intelligent module", "intelligent distribution switch module" More than a dozen invention patents and utility model patents such as "a DC power supply system based on battery parallel connection" have achieved a good technical breakthrough in the field of power system. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2020, the power grid power supply equipment developed and produced by Tieon energy company has been successfully applied in 14 1000kV UHV substations, 49 ± 1100kV, ± 800kV, ± 660kV, ± 500kV, ± 400kV converter substations, 15 750kV substations, more than 360 500kV substations, and more than 11600 substations and distribution stations with voltage levels of 220kV and below. Tieon power system was successfully applied to the Pakistan 660KV project in Lahore, and made a due contribution to the "one belt and one road" construction. Tieon energy's microgrid system has also been well applied in many villages in Qingyuan mountain area of Guangdong power grid, improved the reliability of rural power grid, and explored a new road and model for power grid improvement in remote areas of China. In recent years, Tieon energy has also used its intelligent distribution technology and cloud platform technology to actively help power grid companies and industrial enterprise users carry out intelligent upgrading and transformation of distribution stations.
Tieon energy is currently a leading enterprise in the field of substation power supply system in China, a national high-tech enterprise and a "little giant" enterprise recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

Lin Jin
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